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2024 Summer/Public Hours
All District buildings will be open Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 2PM and closed on Friday.
Enjoy the Summer!



Student Services

Our Mission Statement

To Provide a Free Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment for Pelham Students.


The Pelham School District has inclusive philosophies for all children with disabilities which directly correspond to the belief that all students must have the opportunity to access the general curriculum, and to progress within that curriculum and participate as fully as possible in the wide range of activities provided within our school systems. The preferred setting for all students with disabilities is one in which students can interact and be educated with their non-disabled peers. All possible educational supports are explored as teams strive to serve each child in the least restrictive educational setting. The District believes it is the responsibility of the school to put in place whatever special programming, supports or services are needed for each student to meet with success.

Local Education Agency Plan

The Local Education Agency Plan is on file at the School Administrative Offices, located at 59A Marsh Road in Pelham. If you would like to view the plan, please contact the Student Services Assistant, Kristen Rodrigue to make arrangements to do so. Kristen can be reached by calling 603-635-1145 ext. 5008 or by email at [email protected].

Special Services Executive Summary

The Pelham School District is required to provide Special Education and related services to students with educational disabilities according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of2004 (IDEA) along with the New Hampshire Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities (2017). These federal and state mandates require school districts to evaluate students suspected as having educational disabilities, provide students with Individual Educational Programs (IEPs ), and provide students with specialized instruction including reading and math programs, speech and language services, occupational and physical therapy, counseling services, behavioral therapy and intervention, transition services, along with other special services. These services are to be provided in the least restrictive environment (LRE) providing access to non-disabled peers and the general education curriculum. To meet this legal mandate, the Pelham School District has developed a wide array of programming supports to meet the unique needs of children within our public schools. In addition, some student's specific needs are such that they are educated in out-of­district programs due to the severity of their disabilities.

Student Services Staff

  Kimberly Noyes
  Director of Student Services 
  Tara MacDonald
  Assistant Director of Student Services 
  Out of District Coordinator 

  Kristen Rodrigue
  Administrative Assistant

  Kaitlin Carmody M.Ed.
  Special Education Coordinator for
  Pelham High School
  [email protected]
  Cheryl Northrup
  Special Education Coordinator for
  Pelham Memorial School
  [email protected]
  Nicole Covart M.Ed.
  Special Education Coordinator for
  Pelham Elementary School
  [email protected]