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Contact Guide

Pelham School District

Contact Guide

If Your Question Is…..

Specific Stude Grade or Assignment

Concerns About Your Child’s Social-Emotional Functioning

  • PES 603-635-8875

    • Stephanie Lee (A-E)

    • Shannon Prouty (F-L)

    • Chelsey Grant (M-Z)

  • PMS 603-635-2321

    • Kathleen Cartier

    • Brian Driscoll

  • PHS 603-635-2115

    • Holly Emmett (A-De)

    • Alexandria Gauthier (Di-Le)

    • Heather Kress (Li-O)

    • Erica Erelli (P-Z)

Concerns For Your Child’s Learning Abilities

  • Begin with your child’s teacher and they can direct you to the next step.

Health Related Questions or Concerns

  • PES 603-635-8875

    • Jennifer Bodenrader

    • Kirsten Cogan

  • PMS 603-635-2321

    • Joanne Morrison

  • PHS 603-635-2115

    • Lauren MacPherson

Concerns About Housing, Food, Clothes, Other Household Needs or Other Community Resources

  • Sarah Marandos 603-635-1145

Questions or Concerns About College or Need Career Guidance (Including Community Service Requirements)

  • PHS Guidance Office 603-635-2116

Questions About Lunch Accounts or Free/Reduced School Lunch

  • Director of Nutrition and Wellness Services, Taryn Temmallo 603-635-7384

Foster Child School Related Questions

  • Director of Student Services, Kimberly Noyes 603-635-1145

Preschool Needs Including Evaluations for Services (ages 3-5)

  • Nicole Desmarais 603-635-8875

Superintendent, Dr. Chip McGee 603-635-1145

Pelham Elementary School 603-635-8875

Pelham Memorial School 603-635-2321

Pelham High School 603-635-2115