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School Board Members

School Board

Greetings and welcome to the Pelham School Board section of the website. It is our desire to provide the public with all the information they could possibly need. You can learn about your present board members and their responsibilities here, as well as which committees and groups they sit on and contribute to. School board members can be contacted individually or as a group using the links provided below. We are always looking for ideas on how to help the community get the information they want or need. Come in, and look around, and let us know what you think.

Email the entire Board and Superintendent: [email protected]

All mail correspondence for the School Board can be mailed to:
Attn: Pelham School Board
Pelham School District
59A Marsh Road
Pelham, NH 03076

Troy Bressette

School Board Chair

David Wilkerson

School Board Member Vice Chair

Thomas Gellar

School Board Member

Darlene Greenwood

School Board Member

John Russell

School Board Member

School District Members

Arlanna Garcia 
School Board Treasurer

Doug Vincent
School District Moderator
[email protected]

Danielle Pilato
School District Clerk
[email protected]

Matthew Sullivan
School Board Secretary