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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Meals Program

Please see the following link for all information regarding 
the Nutrition Meals Program for 2021-2022

Meal Payment Information

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You will need your child's student ID number to set up an account. This can be found on your Parent Portal Account. There is no longer a maximum amount that you are limited to putting on an account at one time.

If you need your child's ID number, please contact Taryn Temmallo.

Nutrition Services

The Pelham Nutrition Services Department provides students with nutritious and appetizing meals that meet the USDA dietary guidelines. We offer breakfast, lunch, and snack items in each cafeteria. As required by the USDA, students must take at least 3 of the 5 components offered at lunch: meat (or protein), grains, fruits, vegetable, and dairy – requiring one be a fruit or vegetable. As part of the National School Lunch Program and National School Breakfast Program Seamless Summer Option we will be offering meals at no cost to students at this time. Students can participate in the meal programs with no fee or application.  
For students with food allergies and specific diets, appropriate menus can be created to provide a well-balanced meal that fits their needs. Please contact us as soon as possible if your student has any food allergies.
Our Nutrition Services Department also offers excellent options for catering services. These services are offered to all Pelham district schools and departments. An array of menu options can be customized to meet your needs and budget. 

At Pelham we know that good nutrition and learning go hand and hand so our number one priority continues to be providing wholesome meals to help each student focus on their academic success. We appreciate your participation which helps our program stay strong and we look forward to feeding the students of Pelham.

 -Taryn Temmallo 

Contact Us

Taryn Temmallo
Taryn Temmallo
Director of School Nutrition and Wellness
(603) 635-7384

2021-2022 Meal Program Information

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