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2024 Summer/Public Hours
All District buildings will be open Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 2PM and closed on Friday.
Enjoy the Summer!





The Pelham School District is overseen by the Pelham School Board. The Pelham School Board consists of five duly elected citizen representatives from the Pelham Community. The primary function of the school board is defined by Education Rule 303 - Duties of the School Board.

In summary, its function is to oversee the school budget, make policy, and hire and supervise the Pelham Superintendent of Schools.

The Pelham School Board has adopted policies as necessary to function in its role. These policies are in Section A and Section B of the Pelham School District Policies.

Legal Authority



School Boards, Transportation and Instruction of Pupils

Section 189:1-a

189:1-a Duty to Provide Education. –

I. It shall be the duty of the school board to provide, at district expense, elementary and secondary education to all pupils who reside in the district until such time as the pupil has acquired a high school diploma or has reached age 21, whichever occurs first; provided, that the board may exclude specific pupils for gross misconduct or for neglect or refusal to conform to the reasonable rules of the school, and further provided that this section shall not apply to pupils who have been exempted from school attendance in accordance with RSA 193:5.

II. Elected school boards shall be responsible for establishing the structure, accountability, advocacy, and delivery of instruction in each school operated and governed in its district. To accomplish this end, and to support flexibility in implementing diverse educational approaches, school boards shall establish, in each school operated and governed in its district, instructional policies that establish instructional goals based upon available information about the knowledge and skills pupils will need in the future.

III. School boards shall adopt a teacher performance evaluation system, with the involvement of teachers and principals, for use in the school district. A school board may consider any resources it deems reasonable and appropriate, including any resources that may be provided by the state department of education. In this paragraph, "teacher" shall have the same meaning as in RSA 189:14-a, V.

IV. Pursuant to RSA 193:3, VI, a school board may execute a contract with any approved nonsectarian private school approved by the school board as a school tuition program as defined in RSA 193:3, VII to provide for the education of a child who resides in the school district, and may raise and appropriate money for the purposes of the contract, if the school district does not have a public school at the pupil's grade level and the school board decides it is in the best interest of the pupil.

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