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2024 Summer/Public Hours
All District buildings will be open Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 2PM and closed on Friday.
Enjoy the Summer!




Parent Focus Group

Want to get involved with the district and make connections?
Join the Parent Focus Group!
Contact [email protected] to find out more information.

Every child is special.

As parents, caregivers, staff and educators, we all have a shared responsibility to impact the lives of our children. Towards that end, a successful partnership is critical.

The Pelham Special Education Focus Group is comprised of volunteers whose mission is to ensure every child, but especially those with unique needs, benefits from the successful learning environment created and delivered by the talented professionals within the Pelham School District.

We are your voice, we are your resource guides and we are your advocates in working towards a common goal: that each and every child can achieve their full potential.

We work with our partners in each of the schools to celebrate the inclusion of children with varied abilities, of the opportunity this presents in our schools and in our greater community.

We are proud of the successful outcomes within our schools. We encourage you to learn more. Collaborate. Support. Get involved, not just for your child, but for others, as well. We are a small group, but our goal is to create a contagious environment where we all advocate for the success of our children.

Please join us in this mission.