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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment are intricately linked pieces of every educational program. It is impossible to separate them but for the purposes of providing information to our teachers, parents, and community members it is sometimes helpful to look at them as separate pieces of the larger puzzle. Instruction refers to the tools that teachers use to deliver the curriculum. Teachers are always adding tools to their individual tool boxes through the Individual Professional Development Plans that all certified teachers must complete. In addition to the individual plans, the Pelham School District has goals and plans to increase our instructional effectiveness across the district. Some of these are described below. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Curriculum Director.

We have been training teachers in UDL (Universal Design for Learning) in a consortium for several other school districts. The New Hampshire Universal Design for Learning (NHUDL) Innovation Network is a multi-year professional learning program for New Hampshire educators who are committed to empowering all learners. Working with a team of school-based colleagues, participants in the NHUDL Innovation Network will learn about the UDL framework and be supported as they apply it to practice. Participants will create innovative lessons in Learning Design Labs, understand how students learn by analyzing classroom videos, build a collaborative school culture through Instructional Rounds, and experience the excitement of learning through the UDL lens.