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Pandemic Response Resources

Pandemic Response Update

Our approach continues to be based on the current local data regarding COVID-19 and the recommendations of the NH DHHS. If the level of community transmission changes or the level of school impact changes, we may need to adjust this plan. In order to make decisions about the need for these adjustments, the District will continue to consult with the COVID-19 Education Liaison at the NH DHHS and the Public Health Officer for the Town of Pelham.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pelham School District remains fully open to students.

  • The free onsite bi-weekly asymptomatic PCR testing clinic began September 8. 

  • The level of community transmission remains substantial and the level of school impact is now medium

  • Our current rule for face coverings is anyone within three feet of another person for more than an incidental amount of time must wear a mask. Otherwise, masks are recommended though not required. This applies to the whole district.

  • As of September 10, Grade 8 downstairs has experienced a cluster and will require masks until the end of September 28.

All Known Positive Cases of COVID-19 for Students and Staff as of 9.15.21*

Total for the 2021-22 School Year
SchoolPositive CasesClusters/Outbreaks
Positive Cases
Pelham Elementary School



Pelham Memorial School

Pelham High School



The Big Seven

We will continue to follow the universal guidance described in our Reopening 2021 Plan. Our mitigation measures are (1) face coverings, (2) distancing, (3) hand sanitation, (4) screening, (5) ventilation, (6) vaccines, and (7) testing.

NH DHHS COVID-19 Dashboard