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Memorial School



Pelham Memorial Tigers

Together we learn from others
I am responsible for my words and actions
Generate positive attitude
Engage and inspire
Respect yourself and others

Together We Learn from Others

  • Be helpful
  • We all have something to offer
  • Learning is life-long
  • We all make mistakes, learn from them
  • Respect others opinions and perspectives
  • Choose how you think and act
  • You affect others
  • Everyone has strengths, use yours to help others

I'm Responsible for my Words & Actions

  • Be honest
  • You own your words and actions
  • Be representative of a bully-free environment
  • Think before you speak or act
  • Be part of the solution
  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • Don't just think, be thoughtful

Generate Positive Attitude

  • Follow the rules to promote a safe learning experience for all
  • Express confidence
  • Encourage others
  • Be a friend
  • Positivity is contagious
  • I can, I will, I am able - Positive self-talk
  • Persevere

Engage and Inspire

  • Be a positive member of a group/classroom
  • What you have to say matters
  • Ask questions
  • Aspire to work to your potential
  • Do the right thing, encourage others to do the same
  • Be a contributing member of the school community

Respect Yourself and Others

  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • Mind your manners
  • Listen to adults
  • Show appreciation
  • Keep our school and buses clean
  • Stand up for your rights
  • Keep an open mind