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Memorial School



ClubAdvisor 1Email 1Advisor 2Email 2DaysTimesRoom
Art ClubRandy Coutu[email protected]

Mondays2:30-3:15 PMArt Room
Band Director Elisa Saunders[email protected]

DailyWINBand Room
Chamber Ensemble Elisa Saunders[email protected]

Tuesdays2:30-3:15 PM
Chess ClubKeith Lewis[email protected]Eileen Kelly[email protected]Fridays2:30-3:30 PMRoom 100
Crochet ClubJen Grover[email protected]Emily Renaud[email protected]Thursdays2:30-3:15 PMRoom 210
Diversity ClubLeslie Orozco[email protected]Keith Lewis[email protected]Wednesdays2:30-3:30 PMScience Portable
DramaKatie Davis[email protected]

Mondays & Thursdays2:30-3:15 PMRoom 104
Film ClubPattie Lamontagne[email protected]

Fridays2:30-3:15 PMRoom 211
Homework Club Megan DeLucia[email protected]

Tuesdays & Thursdays2:25-3:15 PMRoom 201
Jazz BandElisa Saunders[email protected]

Wednesday (every other)2:30-3:30 PMBand Room
Lego Club Judy Shanteler[email protected]Byranna Gilman[email protected]Thursdays2:30-3:15 PMRoom 108
Math Club Kelly Tessier (6th)[email protected]Joseph Zannoni (7/8th)[email protected]Thursdays2:30-3:15 PMRoom 111/Room 206
Morning AssistancePattie Lamontagne[email protected]

Daily (drop-in welcome)7:00-7:25 AMRoom 211
National Jr Honor SocietyPattie Lamontagne[email protected]

By application only

Science ClubHeidi Beineke[email protected]

Mondays2:30-3:15 PMRoom 200
Student Council Crystal Hatzimanolis[email protected]Katie Ralls[email protected]1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month7:00-7:25 AMRoom 103
Yearbook ClubCrystal Hatzimanolis[email protected]

Wednesday  2:30-3:15 PMRoom 103