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World Language Department--About Us

World Language Department--About Us

World Language Department The World Language Department at Pelham High School offers the unique opportunity for students to enrich their cultural awareness through the study of either the French or Spanish language.  Students can begin their linguistic journey with French or Spanish 1 and then progress through levels 2-4 in each language.  Students will be able to communicate in the target language through a variety of speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities such as simulations, skits, and interactive projects.   Those students in the Spanish language track who are interested in challenging themselves, can continue their study by taking Spanish IV which is a college-credit course through Southern New Hampshire University.  For a nominal fee, students can earn three transferrable college credits while in high school.  In this course, students will be able to apply their previously learned Spanish skills to literature, history, film, and culture.  The department provides Spanish students with a valuable language emersion through the Spanish Exchange Program.  Pelham High School has partnered with Bedford High School and the sister school in Valladolid, Spain on a rotating basis to give students an incredible and lifechanging language experience.  Pelham students and their families host a student from Spain for about 2 weeks in the fall and then the Pelham student will travel to Spain in the spring and stay with their Spanish student.  This is a fantastic way for students to enhance their Spanish-speaking skills, meet new people, and expand their travel destinations!! The department is also fortunate to offer students who have a deep interest in Spanish or French the ability to apply for membership in the Spanish or French Honor Societies.  To be eligible, students must have completed 2 years of either language and maintained a B+ average as well as be enrolled in Spanish or French 3.  In addition, students must have a minimum 3.33 GPA in all other classes.  Members demonstrate strong leadership skills and are role models in both the school and the community by promoting the World Languages at Pelham High School.  

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