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Superintendent Message

I would like to take this opportunity to say I am honored to be the superintendent of Pelham Schools. This is a great responsibility and I appreciate the work entrusted to me to build upon the great work of Pelham Schools and those before me. I look forward to developing strong relationships in order to foster a collaborative spirit to develop the best schools and education possible for the students of Pelham.

In the past twenty one years I have worked as a substitute teacher, classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent. It is an honor for my first superintendency to be here in Pelham. I’m excited to bring my experience, skills, motivation, and positive attitude to Pelham and to the work ahead of us. My experiences have prepared me to lead this district and meet the high expectations of this community has of us and of our students.

I am committed to continue the work of bringing personalized learning to the students of Pelham. We will continue to transform instructional practices, integrate technology, update curriculum, update facilities and resources, to provide students with learning opportunities that are personalized to their specific needs. This is a long road but we will collaboratively develop plans with all stakeholders and identify the path to take this journey together.

I am excited about what is to come and what we will create together. Pelham schools will be the leader and so successful in preparing our students for life after graduation other schools will come to visit us and ask us how we do it! We will continue to Inspire Success One Mind at a Time.

Thank you,
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Last Updated: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 8:37 AM

Just a friendly reminder that there will be an early release on September 21.

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