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Early Release Mon 11/23 & Tues 11/24

Good afternoon, and happy Sunday!

We have a short week this coming week due to our Thanksgiving break!  I'm certain we're all looking forward to some relaxation and comfort food!  (and football!)  Although it may be a little different this year, please enjoy your time with family.  

I apologize for the length, though please review this email carefully as we are including detailed information to cover the next few weeks of your child's education.

Please ensure that you have reviewed yesterday's email from the superintendent.  As you read, we are going to have TWO days of EARLY RELEASE this Monday and Tuesday.  Then, we are off on Thanksgiving break Wednesday - Friday.

*** Monday and Tuesday, we will begin the car pickup dismissal at 11:00am.  Please follow your respective pick up times accordingly:

     1 - 49 = 11:00 - 11:05

     50 - 89 = 11:05 - 11:10

     90+ = 11:10 - 11:15

Wednesday, there is NO SCHOOL for students and staff, though our office will be open until 1pm should you need any assistance.

Thursday and Friday, schools and offices are closed.

In addition - Monday evening we will be having our Fall Sports Virtual Awards night at 6pm.  Tuesday, as you know, is our Parent Teacher Conference night.  Please be sure to sign-up!  These events will continue as scheduled.

Then, for 11/30 - 12/11/2020 we will be pivoting to a primarily remote learning schedule.  During this time, students will follow a very similar schedule as they would in-school.   The remote learning schedule has been updated from our last pivot.  This will be forwarded to you next week for clarity.

We are also transitioning trimesters from T1 to T2 in the midst of our remote learning.  We will have UA class changes, as well as some home base group updates to include the student updates from the Family Survey.  It is imperative that your student pay attention to emails and directions from their respective teachers during this transition.  This transition can be a little confusing when we are in the building, and doing it virtually will have some bumps.  We appreciate your patience and assistance.

Please remember the student expectations for remote learning, included below.  As always, it is also expected that the students follow the directions of the teachers.  This is especially with regard to camera and microphone usage.  We appreciate your in-home support with this so teachers can conduct the remote classes efficiently and effectively. 

Please reach out with any questions.  We will reiterate information in upcoming communication before we pivot to primarily remote learning.  We appreciate your understanding, support, and dedication to your child's learning during these unusual times.  We got this!  #together


Stacy Maghakian, Katie Mackey, & Kim Cloutier 


Remote Learning Expectations

  • Students will receive remote instruction using Google Classroom. 

  • Teachers will establish classroom routines that mirror the schedule happening at school the best they can. 

  • Students in the remote environment will receive both direct instruction and independent work.

  • We will follow these Remote teacher expectations 

  • Our teachers will be doing live sessions, we do ask that you review the expectations of the live session time with your child as our teachers will also. We expect students during these sessions to:

    • Show up to their meetings on time and sit in an appropriate location to optimize student learning.  

    • Find a quiet place free from distractions, siblings, pets, TV, toys, etc.

    • Dress appropriately for the live learning session.

    • Maintain respect for your teacher using whole body listening and eye contact.

  • Taking pictures and/or recording online teaching sessions, without disclosing this to others in the remote classroom and posting them on Social Media, is not appropriate; more importantly, in New Hampshire it’s illegal to record a conversation or discussion without others agreeing to be recorded. New Hampshire is a two party consent state and we do not wish for people to get in trouble if they are unaware of this law. We also ask that you do not take pictures of minors and/or fellow classmates without parental consent and post on Social Media platforms. We want to be respectful of everyone involved and make sure everyone is aware of the expectations through remote learning.

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