Pelham School District News Article

Vote March 9 7am to 8pm at Pelham High School

  • Article I: Pelham School District Officers’ Election - To elect by ballot two School Board Members for 3-Year Terms. 

  • Article II: Pelham Memorial School Renovation and Upgrade - To determine whether the Pelham School District can spend up to $31,980,000 to renovate and upgrade Pelham Memorial School. The Guaranteed Maximum Price is up 3.6% from last year for substantially the same project. The renovation will address a range of challenges including the lack of middle school programming, traffic congestion, aging building systems, the needs of students and staff with disabilities, the replacement of our aging modular classrooms, heating and ventilation problems, the undersized gym, cafeteria and library, and the need for updated science labs. 

  • Article III: Operating Budget - The proposed operating budget for 2021-22 is $35,613,098. The District faced significant increases in fixed costs including NHRS and health insurance premiums. Given the challenges posed by COVID-19, we budgeted for level services with no new programming for FY22. 

Here is the Voters Guide that was mailed to everyone in Pelham. I encourage every eligible voter in the community to participate in these important decisions for the community. 

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