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Immunizations/Lab Test Requirements

The state of New Hampshire requires that all students be immunized against certain diseases that could be life threatening. is the link to the immunization requirement page.

Children must have proof of all required immunizations, or valid exemptions, in order to attend the first day of school. Documentation may also be provided in the form of a letter from a physician stating that immunity is confirmed by laboratory test. A child may be enrolled under conditional enrollment when a parent or guardian provides 1) documentation of at least one dose for each required vaccine and 2) the appointment date for the next due dose of required vaccine. (He-P 300.13)

Medical and religious exemption information is available at:

The immunizations that are required for entrance into middle school are: TdaP before entry into 7th grade. All entering students must also have had a second dose of chicken pox vaccine (varicella).

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