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Parents Guide to School Nursing Services

Emergency Forms

Please complete and sign your child's online emergency form in InfoSnap, as soon as possible before the start of the next school year. This form gives us updated health information on your child from year to year and gives us information on how to reach you in the case of an emergency. Please be sure to check the form carefully and make any corrections or changes to any of the information as needed.

Please notify us if there are any restrictions regarding dismissal of your child from school. Also, please let us know of any changes in emergency contact information or state of health during the school year. Remember that in the case of an accident or an illness the school nurse must be able to reach you or another person who will assume responsibility for your child.

Please don't forget to check off whether or not the school nurse is allowed to administer Over the Counter medication during the school year. Please check off all that apply.

Medical Conditions

Please be sure to include on the emergency form (yearly) any medical conditions that may precipitate an emergency situation for your child (e.g. allergic reactions to food, bees, medication, asthma, diabetes or seizures, etc.) If it is something that you wish to remain confidential then you may speak to the school nurse. The medical information is not shared with anyone that you do not wish me to share it with.

Immunizations/Lab Test Requirements

The state of New Hampshire requires that all students be immunized against certain diseases that could be life threatening. is the link to the immunization requirement page.

Children must have proof of all required immunizations, or valid exemptions, in order to attend the first day of school. Documentation may also be provided in the form of a letter from a physician stating that immunity is confirmed by laboratory test. A child may be enrolled under conditional enrollment when a parent or guardian provides 1) documentation of at least one dose for each required vaccine and 2) the appointment date for the next due dose of required vaccine. (He-P 300.13)

Medical and religious exemption information is available at:

The immunizations that are required for entrance into middle school are: TdaP before entry into 7th grade. All entering students must also have had a second dose of chicken pox vaccine (varicella).

Physical Examination Requirements

New students entering school must have a physical exam on file from within the last year. Any student trying out for a sports team must have a current physical on file with the nurse before the first day of tryouts. (within the past 12 months) Check the athletics calendar for starting dates of sports. We offer free physicals once a year in early June, off site. We also have vouchers for free physicals at the Convenient MD in Windham.

Medication Policies

Medications (both prescription and over the counter) should not be taken during school hours if it is possible to achieve the medical regimen at home. If medication must be given during the school day, please contact the school nurse for the appropriate forms. They can also be found on the web page under resources. Medication must be in the original pharmacy or manufacturer's labeled container. Please ask the pharmacist to provide you with separate bottles for school and home.

** No medication that arrives in baggies or an envelope will be administered at school. We will call you and you will have to come and administer the medication.

** No noon-time medication will be given out on early release days.

Medication Retrieval

Parents/Guardians may pick up medications from school at any time. All unused, discontinued or outdated medication shall be returned to the parent of guardian. All unused medications should be picked up at the end of the school year. If they are not picked up they will be discarded.


Height and Weight: Height and weight measurements are no longer done at the beginning of the school year on all students. Height and weight will be done on any student who has not had a physical with a height and weight documented and needs to take medication. The purpose of this is to ensure that when giving medications the student is getting the appropriate dosage.


Please do not send your child to school when symptoms of illness are present. Following the guidelines of the American of Pediatrics, and in order to provide the healthiest school environment, your child may be sent home if any of the following are present: fever over 100, persistent undiagnosed cough, symptoms of a contagious disease.

Please contact the nurse if your child has been diagnosed with any of the following contagious diseases, including but not limited to: strep throat, conjunctivitis, influenza, impetigo, Fifth's disease, chicken pox and head lice.

Post-Illness School Attendance Guidelines:

Children must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication (under 100) and symptom free no vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours.

Students diagnosed with strep throat, infectious conjunctivitis, or impetigo must have received 24 hours of medication before they can return to school.

Head Lice: Children must be checked by the school nurse after treatment before being readmitted to school. I do not check all students. If you think your child may have come in contact with someone who has head lice please contact the school nurse and she will check.

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