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Important Health Information

Please, if your child is throwing up or has diarrhea in the morning, or has had a fever of 100.4 or above within the last 24 hours keep them home. Chances are we'll be calling you to come and get them. Please have an alternate means of picking your child up if they are sick and need to go home, especially if you are a long distance away. The nurses office is not a fun place to be if you don't feel good.

If your child has been out for 5 or more days a doctor's note is required for them to return. If a child is sick for 3 days (72 hours) they should be seen by a doctor as it could be a sign of something more serious. It could be a sign of an infection that may need to be treated with antibiotics or your child could be dehydrated if they have had vomiting/diarrhea for that many days. A simple cold, without a fever, is not something that a child needs to be kept home for.

Parents of students who will be taking medication during the school year, This includes an Epi-Pen or inhaler, be sure to obtain permission forms from the nurse's office. It would also help if your child takes a lot of Tylenol or Advil to send in a bottle with their name on it. Forms can also be downloaded.

We also are asking that children do not bring in peanuts/nuts or peanut products to the school. We now have several children with peanut/nut allergies and if they should come in contact even accidentally with peanuts or peanut products it could be life threatening.

In the fall and spring of the year allergens are very high especially ragweed.Please give your child allergy medication before they come to school or at night if 24 hour. This is if they are sneezing, have a runny nose, itchy eyes, and or a sore throat. If your child is on a shorter acting medication send some in with a note and I can give it to them if they are having trouble.

If your child has an injury and will need to be excused from gym or other physical activity, please bring in a note from the doctor stating how long and the reason. We do not accept parent notes to be excused from gym or going out to recess.

Please notify the school nurse if your child contracts any contagious illness, including, but not limited to: strep throat, conjunctivitis, head lice, influenza, impetigo, Fifth's Disease, mono., etc. There are students in the building who have not had all of their immunizations so for their safety please tell the school nurse if your child may have a contagious illness.

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 8:30AM


There will be a 2 hour delay on Wednesday, January 30.
No AM kindergarten or preschool.