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Leadership Opportunities

Class Officers

Every year each class at PHS selects seven officers to represent them and guide their class for the academic year. The seven officers, along with their class advisors, organize their class activities. All students are encouraged to consider carefully their choice of officers and select students who will be concerned with the well-being of all members of the class. The class officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Representatives. The President and the Representatives also become members of student government.

School Board and School Council

During the spring, Student Government organizes a school-wide election for student representatives to both the School Board and the School Council. After a nomination process, the entire student body votes in the selection of a junior for a one-year term on the Pelham School Board, and one sophomore for a two-year term on the School Council. Both positions require a strong commitment and a willingness to represent the students of PHS.

Student Ambassador Group

The PHS Student Ambassadors are student leaders within the high school who exhibit academic excellence and a strong commitment to community service. As role models, Ambassadors are encouraged to inspire their peers to explore new initiatives within the school and surrounding communities by organizing community service projects and gatherings with fellow members to support the vision of PHS. These young people range from sophomores to seniors and are nominated by faculty and staff. The majority of the Ambassadors responsibilities are volunteering after-school hours and on the on weekends.

Student Government

The PHS community looks to the Student Government to assist in the development of policies and procedures that govern the entire student body. This group, consisting of the presidents and three representatives of each class and the student representative to the Pelham School Board, is involved in problem solving and decision-making on school-wide issues. It sponsors a variety of activities such as food drive, Adopt-a-Family, faculty appreciation, dances, and sundae party, many of which are community-related. There is an active student government ready to represent your concerns. All students are encouraged to contact their student representatives with any concerns or ideas that they may have.

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