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Title I Program

The Title I Program is a federally funded program. Our goal is to help students improve their basic reading and math skills by supporting and reinforcing classroom instruction. Most of our Title I services are provided using an "in class" model.

Title I services are available for our PES students in grades K-5. We offer reading or math support as a supplement to classroom instruction.

Children are often referred to the Title I Program based on iReady results, classroom assessments, teacher recommendation and/or the Student Assistance Team Recommendation. A teacher completes a referral/selection form with specific questions about the students academics and classroom performance. The project manager and Title I team determines the students qualification based on the referral form. Parents are notified regarding if the students qualifies for the program and given a “Permission to Participate” form, along with test results. This form must be signed and returned before Title I services can begin. If a student does not qualify for Title I services parents will be notified with a do not qualify letter.

Parent/Teacher Conference with Title I

Our Title I tutors will be available on Wednesday, October 24th (time to be determined), if you would like to discuss your child’s progress within the Title I Program, please feel free to stop by the Title I Classroom-East Wing, Upstairs Room 404.

If you cannot meet with your child’s tutor during the allotted time above please feel free to communicate through email or schedule another time at your convenience.

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There will be a 2 hour delay on Wednesday, January 30.
No AM kindergarten or preschool.