Record Retention

Upon high school graduation or exit from services at age 21, a student’s special education records are no longer needed by the school district in order to provide the student with a free and appropriate public education. The records will be retained for seven years after each student either graduates with a standard high school diploma or turns 21 (whichever comes first). After seven years, prior to the records being destroyed, a letter will be sent offering you a time and a date by which you can contact our office if you would like your records. If we do not hear back from you by the date listed in the letter, we will destroy the records.

If an adult student desires a copy of his or her special education records, he or she must contact the Office of the Superintendent of Schools to make an official request. Signed written requests are preferred. If a student chooses to request records by telephone, he or she will be required to pick the records up in person and sign to verify receipt of records.

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