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Athletics Handbook (Code of Conduct)

Rules & Regulations

  • All athletes are expected to attend all practices, scrimmages, games, and meets. Acceptable absences include only those for: a) illness; b) doctor appointments; and c) religious holidays.
  • Athletes should notify their coach as soon as they are aware that they may be absent from team activity. Consequences for an unexcused absence are at the discretion of the coach. Students must make a full-time commitment to their school team. Pelham Memorial School Athletics come before any extra curricular activities. Participation on a “Travel Team” is not an acceptable excuse to be absent from practices or games. Students will remain at a practice or a game in its entirety before leaving for outside activities. The coach will determine the consequences for any rule violations. A student’s P.M.S. sport is their number one athletic priority.
  • All students/athletes must travel to and from away games with the transportation provided by the school. There is one exception to this rule: An athlete may be released to his/her parent after a contest by the coach with a stamped note from the office. An athlete who wishes to leave a contest with a parent not his/her own, must provide the coach a note signed by his/her parent/guardian releasing him/her to another parent. The note must be turned into the office and stamped, then given to the coach before the beginning of the contest. No phone calls releasing athletes will be accepted.
  • Coaches will provide a game and practice schedule for their teams. We ask that the parent pick up his/her child in a timely manner after practice. After 15 minutes, the waiting process becomes an inconvenience for the coach. If a parent decides to release a student from the school with another parent after practice, a note should accompany the student releasing him/her from the school. The athlete is responsible for alerting parents about the approximate time the bus will return from an away contest, the coach will have that information. Coaches also expect parents to pick up their children promptly at the end of each practice and game.

Along with rules set forth by the Athletic Department, students must follow PMS rules and expectations set forth in the Student Handbook.

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