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Athletics Handbook (Code of Conduct)


An athlete will be required to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Good behavior is expected of all participants. Students are expected to be role models worthy of peer emulation; that is, they are good citizens in all aspects of their lives – at school, at home, in the community.
  • A student not in good standing regarding conduct or citizenship can be deemed ineligible or may be placed on probation by the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Athletic Director.
  • Regular attendance to practice as explained by the coach is required.
  • Grades issued at the close of each marking period will determine eligibility until the next report card. This will include 4th quarter report cards for the fall season with the exception of incoming 6th grade students.
  • During the season, any student receiving an “F” in an academic class or 2 “F”s in Unified Arts classes will be ineligible for that sport until the next report card.
  • A student who receives one grade of “F” in an academic class or 2 “F”s in Unified Arts classes will not be eligible to tryout for a sport. A student who turns 16 (sixteen) before September 1 is not eligible for sports.
  • A student absent from school is not eligible for games or practices on that day.
  • A student must be present on Friday in order to participate in a weekend contest.
  • Students must be present 3 hours during a school day and be checked in by his or her parent/guardian to be eligible to participate.
  • Physical examinations and proof of insurance are required prior to beginning a tryout for any PMS sport.
  • Students and parents must sign a statement agreeing to abide by this philosophy as well as all school rules.

Each year, issues arise that have not been addressed in the Handbook. The final decision on these special issues is at the discretion of the Athletic Director, Coach, and Principal. Any decisions about eligibility may be reviewed by the Principal and are at the discretion of the Principal.

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