Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA)

State Assessments

In addition to our locally designed assessments, we have state assessments that are powerful tools in helping us gauge both student progress and the effectiveness of our curriculum and instructional routines. The New Hampshire State Assessment System is administered in grades 3-8 for ELA and Math in Spring. This is part of the assessment program linked to ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). Additionally, students in grades 5, 8 and 11 participate in the NH-SAS in Science. Finally, eleventh graders take the SAT in March to fulfill their assessment requirements.

As we prepare to give the new State Assessment for the first time we will share information here. If you have any questions about the new assessment, please contact the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Sarah Marandos.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment are key components of the Pelham School District educational program. It is our goal to provide a well-articulated curriculum to all K-12 students in the Pelham schools and to ensure that all students who graduate from the Pelham School District are Career and College Ready. To accomplish this task we have numerous curriculum committees comprised of teachers and administrators that continually monitor, write and revise curriculum to ensure that our expectations at each grade level are appropriate and the delivery of the curriculum is effective.

The NH Assessment Portal is a valuable resource for information related to the new statewide annual assessment. You can access the portal through this link.