Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment are key components of the Pelham School District educational program. It is our goal to provide a well-articulated curriculum to all K-12 students in the Pelham schools and to ensure that all students who graduate from the Pelham School District are Career and College Ready. To accomplish this task we have numerous curriculum committees comprised of teachers and administrators that continually monitor, write and revise curriculum to ensure that our expectations at each grade level are appropriate and the delivery of the curriculum is effective.

On November 5th, the School Board was presented with information regarding the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards. This presentation started with a video and was followed by a power point presentation (via screencast).

The links below should be watched in order.

Part 1: "Shift Happens"

Part 2: NH College and Career Ready Standards

The NH Assessment Portal is a valuable resource for information related to the new statewide annual assessment. You can access the portal through this link.

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