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Election Information

From the Annual Report of the Superintending School Committee of the Town of Pelham, For the Year ending March 9th, 1869.

“The blessings of our common schools, differing as they do the facilities of the education to the poorest as well as the most favored of the community, cannot be measured. And it is a sad fact that the community is so unmindful of this, as mankind ever are of their richest but most common blessings. The citizens of this town must be justly proud of their schools and their teachers, but their interest in them should be more active. School houses should be repaired, beautified, and furnished with all the modern implements of education.”

The quote above could just as easily been written in the year 2017. Apparently, the same problems have an effect on different generations. The Pelham School Board urges you to learn as much as possible about this year’s Warrant Articles, so history will be written that the citizens of 2017 were mindful, interested, and active in the well-being of the school district.