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Remote Access

Remote Access:
What is Remote Access, and why should I use it?

Remote access is a system that allows School District Community members (Students and Staff), a way to securely log in and access School District resources. 
  • Access and work on files you created and saved at school from any computer
  • Retrieve assignments, information and homework from your teacher’s outbox
  • Submit assignments to your teacher’s inbox
  • Stay organized by keeping all of your work in one place 
  • Access tools/software only available on certain computers in school, without needing the software at home
How do I use Remote Access?

Remote Access has been changed and is now available via VMware View application. This allows students and staff to not only access files stored on school systems, but also the software and tools used on certain computers around the district.

A VMware View application is available for Windows, and MAC's. For mobile devices, Apps are available in your mobile device App store (i.e. Apple AppStore, Android Google Play, Windows 8 Store). 

Remote Access can also be accessed on any device including a Chromebook at