It’s hard to believe that a few leaves here and there are touched again with color while the summer days continue to grow shorter. For so many of us these signs evoke the memories of returning to school once again. For some, it will be the first time at school and there will be the excitement and nervous anticipation of that first day. As your interim superintendent, I am looking forward to welcoming everyone, new and returning, to school on Monday, August 28th.

With the departure of Superintendent Amanda Lacaroz, it will be my job as interim superintendent to support the progress and momentum already underway here in the Pelham School District that was fostered under her leadership. As always, our core mission is the success of all of our students and to be strong partners with the parents and community to ensure a quality educational experience for all.

There will be a search for a permanent superintendent beginning early this fall. The Pelham School Board will be looking for your participation in the decision-making process by providing you opportunities to have your thoughts and opinions heard and to give you the opportunity to meet the candidates. I urge you to take part. It is your school system and its direction and leadership are important to everyone.

Pelham is a wonderful community that works hard to give its children a firm foundation on which to build their dreams. It is ironic that I began my work in education administration at Pelham Memorial School almost twenty years ago and now as I close out my career, it is great to be here again!

Betsey Cox-Buteau, Interim Superintendent