Case Managers/Teachers

What is a Case Manager?

“Administrative Case Management” means the following activities that are not direct instruction but that are necessary to facilitate a student’s special education: 

1. Scheduling IEP meetings;

2. Coordinating evaluations, and IEP drafting;

3. Visiting potential student placement environments; 

4. Communicating with a parent; and

5. Updating progress reports for meeting IEP goals (NH Rules pg 2).

Does the case manager teach my student as well?
The role of a case manager can vary depending on the district. In the Pelham School District, case managers are also considered to be "Special Education Teachers". All case managers hired in the Pelham School District are trained and responsible for Unsatisfactory performance on group achievement or accountability measures case management and teacher. However, due to scheduling purposes, a case manager assigned to a student may not always be the one servicing that student. In the interest of the student, the administration and the case managers attempt to assign students with special education teacher who fit together. For example student A has difficulty in math but his or her case manager has a specialty in reading. Another case manager may have a strength in math and would be a better fit for student A. 

For more information...
NH Rules for Education of Children with Disabilities 

Case Managers/Special Education Teachers
Pelham Elementary School 

         Preschool:    Jodi Longden
                            Kelsey Lamoureux
                            Alexa Simmons
    Kindergarten:    Lauren Hall  
       First Grade:    Sadie Bradshaw
   Second Grade:    LeeAnn Merrill
                            Sadie Bradshaw
      Third Grade:    Tracy Hussey  
    Fourth Grade:    Stephanie Szuksta
                            Tracy Hussey
        Fifth Grade:    Nicole Covart
                PALS:    Brian Weigler

Pelham Memorial School 

      Sixth Grade:    Jennifer Grover 
  Seventh Grade:    Lisa Stevens 
    Eighth Grade:     Deb Carson  
              MACS:     Dot Madden 

Pelham High School 

   Nine-Twelfth:      Valerie Morse
                             Cindy Douidi
                             Elaine French
                             Sandra Lyons
                             Stephen Scaer
      Transition:       Kerry D'Ambroise