Buzz Words and Acronyms

PES – Pelham Elementary School             
PMS – Pelham Memorial School
PHS – Pelham High School
SAU 28 – School Administrative Unit 28
PSD – Pelham School District
PSB - Pelham School Board
IEP - Individualized Education Plan
ESY – Extended School Year (also known as summer school)
ESD – Extended School Day
OHI – Other Health Impaired
ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD is a medical condition that affects how well someone can sit still, focus, and pay attention.
ISP - Individual Service Plan

LD - Learning Disability
IA - Instructional Assistant (also known as a para or paraprofessional)
PARA - Paraprofessional (also known as an instructional assistant)
RA - Rehab Assistant (also known as an instructional assistant or paraprofessional)
EH/ED - Emotionally Handicapped/ Emotionally Disturbance
ABA – Applied Behavioral Analysis
SLP – Speech & Language Pathologist
LEA – Local Education Agency – Also known as School District
LRE – Least Restrictive Environment
OT/PT – Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy
HQT - Highly Qualified Teacher-Highly Qualified Teachers: To be deemed highly qualified, teachers must have: 1) a bachelor's degree, 2) full state certification or licensure, and 3) prove that they know each subject they teach. (US Dept of Ed The highly qualified teacher provision is one of the goals of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001. (NH Rules pg 12)
FAPE - Free Appropriate Public Education
FBA - Functional Behavioral Assessment: The FBA used to develop a hypothesis or a theory about the purpose or function that the behavior serves. Is this behavior an attempt to get of something, to assist the child to self regulate or express an emotion? This information is then used to develop a behavior intervention plan (BIP)
RTI - Response to Intervention
BIP- Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) documents the strategies, supports and methods that will be used to address the behaviors and used to teach more appropriate behaviors. A BIP should include strategies that will prevent the behavior from recurring. The BIP must include positive interventions and strategies.
NHSEIS- It is a computer-based special education data base and retrieval system that confidentially maintains personally identifiable data used for program development, monitoring, compliance, and reporting to the State Board of Education, the New Hampshire legislative bodies, and the U.S. Department of Education. (NH Rules pg 23)

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